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Being there for their Lifetime Mortgage customers every step of the way is a key priority for the Lifetime Mortgages team at OneFamily

Katie Jefferies, Mortgage Servicing Manager, OneFamily Lifetime Mortgages

Katie Jefferies, Mortgage Servicing Manager, OneFamily Lifetime Mortgages, tells us more…

Our customer-centric approach

Onefamily Lifetime Mortgages have a skilled and dedicated team who work hard to look after their customers throughout the lifetime of the loan.

Experience has taught us that if we are engaged early when our customers experience difficulties or life changes, we can help them get the required support quicker which, in some cases, might mean the difference between them staying in their home or not.

Our new customer guides

To stay truly connected with our customers we’ve created a selection of guides and documents which encourage ongoing contact and offer practical help and support with finances.

It’s good to keep in touch

We want to encourage ongoing dialogue with our customers throughout the life of their relationship with us - not just via an annual statement. We believe a Lifetime mortgage is much more than just a transactional relationship and want our customers to know we are there at any time to support them.

Using the ‘OneFamily Voice’ research group

We undertook in-depth research to inform on the design and content of these new guides. We engaged directly with the ‘OneFamily Voice’ - a panel of our own existing customers who we share our proposals with for potentially new products and services to shape, stress test and design using their views and feedback.  The feedback was extremely positive. They really liked that these documents aimed to help rather than just sell them another policy. Feedback also suggested that these documents reflected well on the brand, with some saying that they felt that the literature conveyed the message “…that OneFamily cared”.

Everything in one place…and more

Using our OneFamily Voice customer feedback, the following documents were developed:

Everything in one place A booklet for customers to document their financial information in one place
Keeping in touch A quick guide on updating their personal details with OneFamily
Making a Will An informative overview providing the benefits and options about making a will
Protect yourself against fraud and scams Hints and tips to help customers remain vigilant and safe from fraud and scams
Understanding Lasting Power of Attorney A useful guide helping customers understand what a Lasting Power of Attorney is, the benefits and the process to appoint one

The 5 Customer Guides are available on our Adviser Site

Keeping in touch, always

All existing customers have been sent a pack letting them know why we’re sending them these guides and how to get the most from them. We hope they find them useful. Of course, we are very open to customers contacting us to let us know what they think too!

For all new customers who join us, they will receive these guides as part of their welcome and post completion journey with us. Furthermore, we will regularly update our customers and send them new guides and refresh the existing items to continue to communicate and stay in touch over the longer term.

We are OneFamily – standing out as a unique lender that wants to do right by our customers, a lender who wants to build that more human relationship and work with its customers to support them - whatever life may throw their way.

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