Client paid off their mortgage?
Think protection.

Whether you’re talking mortgages, savings and investments, or retirement planning, there’s always room to bring your clients’ protection needs into the conversation.

At OneFamily we know many people want to do all they can to help protect their families, especially as they get older. Naturally they may want to leave a cash lump sum behind, and few would want to leave their family with no help towards debts or bills.

Our experience in the market means we can help you explain to your clients how protection products such as Guaranteed 50 Plus Life Cover can help provide peace of mind for their loved ones.

Our comprehensive over 50s life cover is easier to introduce into more conversations than you might think. See how with our range of sales support materials.

The ageing population
is rising

4.5 million owner occupiers aged 65+ own their home outright and with an ageing population, this is set to rise*. When their mortgage ends, so might any life cover linked to their mortgage. Currently, 50% of over 50s have no life cover in place+.

What to ask your clients

One question to ask your clients is ‘How are you going to pay for your funeral?’. Funeral costs rose by 80% Between 2004 and 2014++ and 46% of family members who organised a funeral in the last 5 years say costs were more than expected++.

How over 50s life cover can help

Worryingly, 20% of those who organised a funeral went into debt to pay for it++. And with the average funeral cost potentially rising to £7,000 by 2020++, who will pick up the cost? Over 50s life cover could be worth considering with your clients**.

++ Funeral Time Bomb Report ILC UK 2015
*English Housing Survey 2013-14
+Whole of Life Insurance UK, Mintel 2014
**This is not a funeral plan and may not cover the full cost of a funeral.

Our conversation starter can help you make the case for Guaranteed 50 Plus Life Cover to your mortgage clients.

Take the protection opportunity in every mortgage conversation with our toolkit

Here are a range of sales support materials to help you identify new opportunities to talk about Guaranteed 50 Plus Life Cover with your clients.