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Funeral Funding Options

We have teamed up with Golden Charter to offer a Funeral Funding Option, which could help customers and their loved ones towards the cost of their funeral.

Golden Charter represent over 3,000 independent funeral directors in the UK.

What is it?

The Funeral Funding Option is not a Funeral Plan and might not always meet the full cost of a funeral. We can arrange for a client's lump sum to be paid directly to the chosen funeral director through Golden Charter, to help cover the cost of a funeral.

Golden Charter provides a £300 Contribution towards the cost of the funeral.

Payment is made directly from the policy to the chosen funeral director at the time of settling the final bill negating the need for the cost of the funeral to be found up front.

Adding the Funeral Funding Option

This can be added on the application when taking out the policy or at a later date. If at a later date you or a customer can call us on 0800 085 5075 to add this to an existing Over 50s Policy

Only one Funeral Funding option is allowed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Funeral Costs Calculator 

Use our interactive calculator to show your customers the average cost of a funeral.


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