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Fixed Rate Lifetime Mortgages

  • A fixed rate for the life of the mortgage
  • Free valuation with each mortgage, for properties worth up to £1m
  • All products comply with Equity Release Council Standards
  • Available as Interest Roll-up with Voluntary Payment option or an Interest Payment options

At a glance

A lifetime mortgage with a one-off lump sum at a fixed rate of interest.

Available as Interest Roll-up, with voluntary payment or Interest Payment options.

Available in three loan-to-value (LTV) levels: Life and Standard and Super.

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Who could it be suitable for?

Lifetime Mortgages suit customers wishing to take a lump sum for:

  • Paying off an existing mortgage or unsecured debts
  • Helping a family member with a deposit for a house purchase
  • Home improvements
  • Supplementing their retirement income

With a Fixed Rate Lifetime Mortgage:

  • Customers looking for flexibility to manage finances in retirement can opt for Interest Roll-up with Voluntary payment.
  • Customers looking to protect the equity in their home can opt for Interest Payment.

Please read our At a Glance guides for more information

Key Criteria Differences between Propositions

Lite and Standard LTV options Super LTV
Payment Type Roll Up with Voluntary Payments or Interest Payment Roll Up with Voluntary Payments only
Product Type Fixed, Variable and 2-Year Fixed Fixed
Customer Age Range 55-85* 70-100
Leasehold Not accepted 155 Year minus the age of youngest customer (or 75 years if higher)
Land with Property Maximum of 5 acres Consider up to 25 acres with valuations based on 5 acres
Properties near commercial premises Consider adjacent Consider above or adjacent
Geographical availability England, Scotland and Wales England and Wales
Early Repayment Charges (ERC) Please see our guide to ERCs.

*2-Year fixed rates are only available for customers up to the age of 70

Fixed Rate Product Support

Click below to find our sales support tools for our Lifetime Mortgage products and how they can benefit your clients.

Lifetime Mortgage Calculator

Show your customer the maximum loan amount they could be eligible for
(based on our Standard LTVs).



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