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Here at OneFamily we're pleased to offer a wide range of lump sum lifetime mortgages with new and unique features plus a simple service proposition.

All of our products have been developed with your client in mind. We offer the choice of either making monthly interest payments, having a more flexible arrangement where one-off payments are allowed each year, or the interest can be rolled-up. We also provide the choice of either fixed interest rates, or variable interest rates. The first time this has been offered in the market.

Key features

  • Range of lump sum lifetime mortgages
  • Option to make monthly interest payments, a more flexible arrangement of one-off voluntary payments, or no interest payments at all
  • Choice of variable or fixed interest rates
  • Equity Release Council safeguards

Interest Roll-up

Our Lump Sum Interest Roll-up Lifetime Mortgage allows your client to release money without having to worry about having to repay anything during their lifetime.

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Voluntary Payment

Our Lump Sum Voluntary Payment Lifetime Mortgage allows your client to repay 10% of the initial loan amount each year, without incurring an early repayment charge.

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Interest Payment

Our Lump Sum Interest Payment Lifetime Mortgage is specifically designed to allow your client to repay some or all of the interest each month, for a period of their choice.

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Why choose OneFamily
Lifetime Mortgages

As a mutual, we're a member-owned business, and that means instead of paying shareholders a dividend, we invest more in the things that really matter most, delivering value to your clients. Many of your older clients will have grown up recognising the value of mutuality and will welcome the opportunity to deal with a mutual when making a major financial decision like a lifetime mortgage. OneFamily only sells its products through qualified and regulated independent financial advisers.

We provide a range of innovative lifetime mortgage products, which will allow you to provide a solution tailored to the needs of your client and their family. All our plans come with The Equity Release Council safeguards. OneFamily is looking to grow the market and to widen the audience for lifetime mortgages and we will be looking to work with you to help you grow your business.

Member of the Equity Release Council

OneFamily is a member of the Equity Release Council, which means that we adhere to a strict code of conduct. To find out more, please visit their website at www.equityreleasecouncil.com

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