Lump Sum Super LTV Lifetime Mortgage

Our Super LTV Lifetime Mortgage is designed to help customers who want to release more of the equity in their homes.

This lifetime mortgage provides your customer with a one-off lump sum amount at a fixed rate of interest, with higher loan-to-values (LTVs) than our Standard LTV fixed rate product.

The Super LTV Lifetime Mortgage charges a higher rate of interest than our Lump Sum Lite and Standard LTV fixed rate products.

It is currently available on a Interest Roll-up with Voluntary Payment Option basis.

Please note that this product has a minimum entry age of 65 at the time of completion and is available for properties in England and Wales only.

LTV Comparison table

Age Lite* Standard* Super
65 26% 31% 40%
70 31% 36% 45%
75 36% 41% 50%
80 41% 46% 55%
83 - 100 44% - 46% 49% - 50% 58%

*Lite and Standard LTVs based on a Single applicant.

For a full list of all of our LTVs, please download a copy of our LTV rates document.

Who could it be suitable for?

Our Super LTV Lifetime Mortgage is aimed at customers who:

  • Want additional flexibility in how much equity they choose to release from their home
  • Want to borrow more than would be usually available through a Standard LTV product
  • Wish to use as much equity as possible to prioritise their current needs over their future needs and/or inheritance purposes
  • Understand that the Super LTV Lifetime Mortgage has a higher rate of interest than our Lite and Standard LTV products and the interest charged will be higher

Please be aware that borrowing a higher amount will reduce the equity in the property over time by more and as such, the value of inheritance available to beneficiaries.

Lifetime Mortgage Calculator

Lifetime Mortgage Calculator

Use our calculator to show your client the maximum
loan amount they can get based on our Standard LTVs.


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