50 is an attitude - not just an age

At OneFamily, we’ve built up a strong knowledge of the Over 50s market. We’ve always believed that customers shouldn’t be defined simply by their age. Our new report1 shows that attitude is a more important factor – and that customers fall into five distinct groups.

Some want to live for today and are looking for convenience and peace of mind. Others are savvy savers who want low monthly premiums, or have health concerns about potential conditions. Then there are people eager to keep their finances neat and tidy, or who want to put their family first.

The invaluable insight our research provides can help you tailor your approach to the individual needs of each kind of customer. Simply download the full report today.

To help you identify which group your client might fall into we’ve created this questionnaire for you to work through together.

You’ll also find our wide range of sales support materials useful as a way to help you target potential clients and add even more insight to your advice. Explore all we have to offer now, and you’ll soon see there’s more to life than 50.

1A sample of 426 people from the fastMAP online panel (May 2016) aged over 50, falling within socioeconomic groups C1, C2, D & E

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