Reduce serious illness worry for your customers

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OneFamily has said that advisers can reduce the worry of serious illness for their customers, by recommending Over 50s life insurance products that incorporate additional health support benefits.

New figures from Macmillan Cancer Support suggest that pressures on the NHS are leading to as many as 120,000 patients missing out on vital information about their disease each year.

This includes having the details about treatment options fully explained, information on possible side-effects and the likely impact on their day-to-day life.

Miles Bingham, OneFamily’s Distribution Director said,

“The Macmillan Cancer Support analysis makes worrying reading. No-one knows what’s around the corner, but we would all like to think that there’s someone who would be there to support us and help us to understand all the options if the worst should happen.

“OneFamily works with RedArc to provide comprehensive one-to-one personal support as a standard benefit with its Over 50’s Life Insurance Product.

“This means that from the outset of the policy, with no qualifying period, customers can receive support from their own dedicated Personal Nurse Adviser.

“This could be emotional support to help them and their loved ones to cope with the diagnosis of a serious or terminal illness or practical help by providing information and advice whilst they are undergoing treatment.

“There’s even the option of gaining a second opinion, and a programme of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy or complementary therapy can also be arranged.”

Christine Husbands, the Managing Director of RedArc said, “A cancer diagnosis is life-changing for the individual and their families; the effects continue long-term if not forever.

“There are often many unanswered questions, options to be considered, practical implications as well as a huge emotional impact on the individual and everyone close to them.

“A dedicated Personal Nurse, experienced in cancer and all its implications with plenty of time to listen and guide, can make the difference between coping and not.”

The OneFamily Over 50s policy offers serious and terminal illness benefit as standard and guarantees acceptance, with no medical needed. Premiums start from £10 per month.

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