OneFamily takes pressure off NHS with new claims process

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OneFamily has transformed the serious illness and terminal illness claims process for its Over 50s product, to make life easier for its customers and to take pressure off NHS staff.

The Friendly Society recognised that severe pressure on GPs and clinicians, caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, would be likely to cause delays to the claims process at a time when worried and seriously ill customers are in most need of support.

Therefore, OneFamily approached its specialist medical underwriters and proposed a new way to process the claims that relied on existing evidence, which could be supplied by the claimant. This significantly reduces the processing time and means that the NHS isn’t burdened with paperwork when it needs to be caring for patients.

Steven May, OneFamily’s Over 50’s Product Manager said,

“Being diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness is stressful enough, without having to worry about money.

“Our Over 50s product allows an early pay-out, so we want to make sure that this gets to people as quickly as possible, but the Coronavirus pandemic meant that there was a likelihood that claims could be delayed – for entirely understandable reasons.

“So, we swiftly decided that we needed a solution and, with the help of our medical underwriters, we have found a way to support our members when they need us most.

“Claims can now be assessed using evidence such as diagnosis letters, discharge summaries and reports supplied by the claimant. To support this process, we’ve also updated our call handling, so that we can establish at the outset what evidence the claimant has in their possession to enable us to assess their claim quickly.

“Additionally, we’ve set up a secure email system, so that customers can securely return their claim form and evidence straight away – which has further sped up the claims process.

“Ultimately, our new process will make our claims process quicker and easier for our customers and reduce the burden we place on the NHS.”

The OneFamily Over 50s policy offers serious and terminal illness benefit as standard and guarantees acceptance, with no medical needed. Premiums start from £10 per month.

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