A modern mutual

OneFamily is here to enable families to deal with the financial demands of modern life. As a mutual organisation we don’t have shareholders to pay dividends to and our aim is to use profits for the benefits of our members.

As a result you can be confident that we always strive to make sure our products and services are designed with your clients' and your needs in mind.

Supporting advisers

We've been working closely with brokers and advisers like you all over the country to find out what you're looking for from us as a provider, and we actively encourage feedback. After all, we want to make sure we can give you all the support and help you need to grow your business.

OneFamily 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey

As part of our ongoing commitment to the intermediary market, we commissioned an independent survey into our adviser satisfaction levels during the early part of 2015.

The survey was undertaken by independent research agency Trinity McQueen.

We wanted to:

  • Develop our understanding of how our service, content and engagement is perceived by our advisers
  • Gain insights from our customers that could be made into positive change for you
  • Embed a 'listen' and 'fix' culture into our relationship with our advisers

A mixture of quantitative and qualitative interviews were undertaken and the research is now complete. We are collating the information we have gathered and will be sharing the results very shortly.

"It is an added income stream that's easier to sell than most people think."

"It's amazing how easy the products are to sell and how receptive clients are to them, even when they have other cover in place."

John Green Spencer Hayes Financial Services Ltd

How can we help your business?

Before you can submit any new business you will need to apply for an agency with us. It is a really simple process to become one of our approved advisers.

Apply for an agency

  • Our Account Management Team
  • A dedicated team of Telephone Account Managers
  • Personal one-to-one relationships
  • A market-leading product based on real customer needs

OneFamily Foundation

Based on our mutual principles, the OneFamily Foundation focuses on looking after our members, their families and communities. It's a commitment that goes far beyond our range of award-winning financial products.

Through the OneFamily Foundation, we intend to provide £5m over the next 5 years.

Your customers can nominate a project close to their heart for a Community Award of up to either £5,000, £10,000 or £25,000. Or, they can apply for a Personal Grant of up to £500 or £1,000 for someone or something a little closer to home. Only our customers can apply, but anyone can vote for the projects that matter most to them.